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September 12, 2008

More Advanced Search Options for YouTube

YouTube added some new options that allow you to filter search results by type. You can restrict the results to videos uploaded by YouTube partners, videos that have annotations or closed captions. There's also an option to restrict the results to feature length videos, but it doesn't seem to work yet.

Use the "partner videos" restriction to get official videos, annotations could be used for additional explanations or interactivity, while closed captions allow you to search inside the text of a video. The closed captioning features has been recently added to YouTube, so you won't find too many subtitled videos.

YouTube's interface doesn't let you combine the restrictions, but you can manually add parameters: (videos that have both annotations and closed captions) (partner videos with closed captions)


  1. It's features like this that have continued to keep YouTube on top, I suspect. I've actually had a project recently which called for me to search through videos and they are by far the least heartbreak-inducing among the big video sharing sites.

  2. I was in search of advance search options in youtube any finally i got help from this post.thanks

  3. My internet connection is slow,sometime it came in my mind that youtube must have some option for search that can say something about quality or size of video to search.

  4. I want ti be able to search on youtube according to rating.

  5. this option is ridiculous.i give you an example,let say,to count number of students in a class,we say,number of ill students+no of students not ill,as this is common sense,but this formula does'nt work in youtube,that makes it hard to trust on it's figures,even,total no of videos excluding(not suitable for minors)is more than total no of videos including(not suitable category),now tell me how is that possible? write any word and set videos uploaded today,let rest of the options remain general and press search...............TRY IT YOURSELF

  6. @FADI:

    The number of results is just an estimation because it's difficult and time-consuming to find the exact number.


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