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September 20, 2008

More Internal Links in Google Knol

Knol, Google's knowledge repository, has recently improved the way articles are interlinked. When you create a link, Knol shows search results for the selected text, promoting its own content.

Some knols include an automatically-generated list of related knols in the sidebar:

Unfortunately, it's hard to find high-quality articles other than the knols featured on the homepage. The top search results for [Yahoo], [marine biology], [Alan Turing] and many other popular queries are articles copied from Wikipedia. Knol could easily filter these articles from search results, especially considering that Wikipedia has a conflicting license.

Did you spot any interesting knols? I found a well-documented history of Arctic explorers, a tutorial about photography composition and an introduction to usability.

Useful links:
* Knol's changelog
* the most visited knols


  1. I wrote an article on Rationalism.

    I think it's interesting :p

  2. Your link to Uasability actually links to an overview of Binary Economics.

  3. Wikipedia doesn't exactly have a "conflicting license". It all depends on the license chosen by the author of the knol. If it is a creative commons one without non-commercial or non-derivative clauses, it is compatible with Wikipedia's GFDL. And it looks like a lot of the knols are released under cc-by (attribution). IIRC that is the default license for knols, so overall there shouldn't be a conflict most times.

  4. Hmmm No RSS feeds on KNOL .. trying to subscribe to new articles.. that's weird.

  5. @Waldir:
    Regarding the conflict between GFDL and Creative Commons, read this page.

    "CC-by is one-way-compatible with GFDL - meaning that CC-by content can be used in GFDL work. No non-commercial license can ever be compatible with GFDL."

  6. Knol has many interesting knols now. There are available in many categories. There are written y many professors and executives with industry experience


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