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March 18, 2009

Google Street View for UK and Netherlands

Google Maps added street view imagery for many major cities in the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. London, Liverpool, Birmingham, Glasgow, Belfast, Amsterdam and Rotterdam are some of the cities added to Google Street View.

"Having checked my old house in Sheffield, which I moved out of last year, I can tell that the photo was taken in the last nine months, so it's much more up-to-date than the Google Maps imagery for the area," noticed Tony Ruscoe.

More interesting photos at Google Maps Mania blog.


  1. Yes the London pics are taken recently, our area (W-London) was seemingly done in the last 3-4 months.

  2. It loads very slow.
    Where are my old options?
    I only have satellite view now but i like to see roads!
    I think it used to be better, sorry.

  3. maybe its a little too much information, lots of very big brother and sinister type uses for such technology

  4. the world on our desktops....

  5. They updated street view for St. Cloud minnesota [ the entire area is completely covered now] as well as my northwest suburb of minneapolis - Crystal is now completely covered in street view, it's kind of creepy

  6. This is awesome nice street view.. Yahoo mail ad on Google Maps street view.. have a look.


  7. Saw the Google Maps car driving around Amsterdam's Westerkerk area today... Maybe I'll be in Google Maps myself... (luckily not under the same circumstances as the guys from Marijn1's post)

  8. Well, for starters I like having the world on my Desktop. See, I'm one of those victims of this not-so-great economy we're having, and the dream that I can actually go visit far away and exotic lands is dwindling right alongside my once promising 401k. So, right now I'm virtually touring England - visiting there has been a lifelong dream for me and if I can't do it for real, then I'll happily navigate the panoramic photos of London, Southampton, etc. But I'd better hurry, before some privacy organization (I won't mention names) talks someone official into shutting it down.

  9. Does anyone know how often the photos are updated? I read an article about the women who caught her husband cheating when she saw his car parked in front of another women's house, but this doesn't really make a whole lot of sense if the pictures are a few months old.


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