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March 7, 2009

Sergey Brin on "To Tell the Truth"

2000 was the year when Google started to become really successful: it grew from 7 million searches a day to 100 million searches, Google was now the search provider for Yahoo and the initial version of AdWords was launched.

But not everyone knew about Google, its founders or even what's a search engine. Here's Sergey Brin on the game show "To Tell The Truth" in an episode originally aired on 21 February 2001:

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  1. Esto si que fue entretenido de ver, al principio por lenguaje corporal descarte al primero pues estaba apuntando hacia el centro, me daba la impresion que era el segundo por la confianza que demostraba, pero despues me nuble y pense que era el tercero al igual que todos.....Big mistake...jajjajaja....muy buen video historico...

    Saludos desde Chile

  2. It was the good old startup days.

  3. BWAHAHAAAA!!! Everyone was wrong! I was thinking it was number 1 or 2...I might have gotten it right... #3 looked to "cool" to be the founder of Google, #1 had the glasses, but #2 looked younger and had the "nerd" voice... lol!

  4. eh.. I wish I could see this show before meeting Sergey :)

  5. Sergey sounded a bit too confused at "what does URL mean?" question. Was he faking it or was he feeling uncomfortable as someone who was never answering job interview questions. :-)

    The professional bowler aka #3 was actually pretty well prepared.

    All in all, this was a nice find.


  6. I came this blog, this is my comment!

  7. hahaha! Sergey didn't get to answer enough technical questions, so they thought it was the bowler lol

  8. Sergey all the way!!!
    Nicely got $5k :P

  9. Girl: "... how many employees do you have?"
    #2 (Brin): About 170.

    WTF? Google has JUST 170 employees???

  10. @Wesha: It started out with just 2. A couple of years later as you can see it was 170. And now... it's A LOT more than 170 :-D

  11. What do you supposed Serge did with the $1,666?

  12. Loved it. If I didn't know who Serge was before watching this, I would have picked number three too. In fact, by the end there I was still a little unsure of myself.


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