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March 24, 2009

More Google Search Insights

Google Insights for Search, a more advanced version of Google Trends, started to show data for three specialized search engines: Google Image Search, Google News and Froogle. You can now see the most popular queries from Google Image Search in United Kingdom, the most popular news-related searches in Quebec or the locations where "Michael Jackson" was a popular news search in 2009.

Insights for Search offers a very interesting feature for disambiguating queries. For example, you can find data about the query "tiger" and restrict it to the computers & electronics category or the sports category. Google suggests the appropriate categories and subcategories and it shows their relative popularity. It would be interesting to see a similar feature for web search results.

{ via Inside AdWords }


  1. Thank you for sharing such a powerful service. This is my report.

  2. I just use the Google Translate to translate my blog from Chinese to English, so Please don't mind the grammar especially the last line.
    My original meaning is " Google is powerful,if you can use it, You will more powerful".

  3. Hi,

    Amazing... data from three(Google Image Search, Google News and Froogle)??? isnt it just amazing!!!!
    but is it only for UK??

  4. based on time&region,...very impressive.

    actually, i used to have a similar idea like this, but only time-based plus search advice. and i don't think region can be as useful as time on filtering search results(or say guiding users to the results they want).

    p.s. i searched "olympic" on news search, and it returns most results on 08 august ,nice job,haha..


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