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December 9, 2009

Living Stories, a New Way to Read News

Google Labs launched an interesting service in partnership with New York Times and Washington Post: Living Stories. The goal is to change the way you interact with news online and to read news stories as they unfold.

"Each living story resides at a permanent URL, making it easier to follow the latest updates to the stories that interest you, as well as review deeper background materials that are relevant for a story's context. Living Stories automatically track your interaction with the story, making sure that you are always presented with the news you need, the way you want it. You can read full articles and browse multimedia without ever leaving the Living Story page. Just expand the content you want to see, and minimize it when you're done. Whether you want a short update, deep analysis, feature stories, video, or important quotes, everything related to the story is on the Living Story page."

Google Living Stories aggregates a lot of useful information, but some people might find it overwhelming.


  1. This is awesome! The timeline is damn cool. I hope other news publishers join forces with Google at the earliest on this one.


  2. I think it's a great idea -- worries me that it sounds an awful lot like a blog.

  3. I agree with you. I also wonder if these tools will help us find news we *need* or news we *want*. Will many of us pay attention to information we agree with, thus reinforcing our opinions and ideologies...regardless of their factual content? We already see this trend today with more specialized news networks that cater to a particular bias, or web sites that do the same.

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