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December 9, 2009

Google Docs Sorts Results by Relevance

Google Docs started to sort search results by relevance. Until now, search results were sorted by the last modified date.

"This improvement to search within Docs also includes automatic stemming and synonyms. So if you search for check account, we'll also include results for a few variations of those words, including checking account (which is what you probably meant to type). Or if you search for mac book, we'll also include results for macbook."

The results are not perfect, but at least the documents that include your keywords in the title are prioritized. It would be useful to display a snippet for each search result and an option to preview a document before opening it.

If you'd like to sort the results by date, click on "Relevance" and select "Last modified" from the drop-down.


  1. When you have Offline enable, you will have to wait until gears has updated the software too see the relevanz button

  2. is this available in Google Docs API?


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