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December 30, 2009

Predictions for Google's 2010

1. Google Chrome's bookmark sync will be extended to sync the documents stored in Google Docs.

2. Google will launch a service that indexes and ranks web applications.

3. Google will use different interfaces for displaying search results, depending on your query.

4. Google's search engine will group related results.

5. Google Image Search will let you upload an image and will show related images from the web.

6. Google Street View's images will become searchable and Google will start to show information about different places in Street View.

7. Google will release an online development environment optimized for building web applications.

8. An open platform for search experiments: tweak Google's ranking factors, customize the interface and create a better search engine.

9. Android will have more users than Windows Mobile.

10. Many browsers will copy Google Chrome's features: the simplified interface, the rapid development model, the lightweight extensions, sandboxing, compiling JavaScript code.

11. Google Drive will finally launch, but it will only be an extended version of Google Docs. Instead of sending attachments, you'll be able to upload files to Google Drive from Gmail.

12. Google Wave won't become successful, but its features will be used in other Google products.

13. Google will buy True Knowledge and will launch a fact search engine.

14. Gmail's spam filtering algorithms will be more transparent and you'll be able to define custom rules for flagging messages as spam.

15. Google Trends will show popular web sites from different categories.

16. Google Desktop will be discontinued and replaced by Google Quick Search Box.

17. If you use Google Chrome, you'll be able to use the most important features of Chrome OS.

18. Google users will be able to add comments and start conversations if they want to find some information about a hot topic.

19. Google Toolbar will be available for Chrome and Google will start to bundle Chrome with Google Toolbar for IE.

20. Google will buy Spotify and make it available for free.


  1. Spotify for free... that's brilliant, the music industry will love it.
    Maybe you should reflect a little about the turnout of your "predictions" for last year? ;)

  2. Don't agree with what you said about Google Wave. I think if the team add some new features Google Wave could start to be adopted by many users. The question is: will Google add those features?

    Gmail needed 5 years to add a link to the contacts in the Compose page (and meanwhile, they released lots of stupid and silly features, i.e.: "Old Snakey" in gmail labs ¬¬). I hope they doesn't make the same mistake in this new service.

    With a few new features, Google Wave could start growing:

    1) Notifications. Every new Wave (or wavelet, or bip) should be notified in your email.

    2) An Gmail app. you should be able to manipulate your gmail account from the Google Wave.

    3) Allowing empty trash and remove wave viewers.

    4) Add draft mode.

    5) Hability tu use the same applications that iGoogle uses in their "social gadgets" made with OpenSocial.

    6) Improve the profile wave.

    7) Feed about your contacts.

    And ready, Google Wave will start to growing a lot!!

  3. Spotify for free would only cause record labels pulling out alot if not all og their content from the sevice.
    And if you've watched sine music videos on YouTube lately you have seen the "this video contains content from" box, which clearly show that Google is getting pressured by the music industry.
    So that's not happening. Musicians have to get paid too.

  4. If Google Wave does crash, I'd love to see that interface deployed in Gmail.

    It really adds to the 'appiness' of it

  5. Innovation from apps like Google Wave are what push everything else forward. Who cares if it flops - the technology will flourish and new ideas will stem from it.

  6. I like #2 prediction you got here as we all know how useful web applications are for many of us. If this is possible which I think in some point in time will have to be made available for users, it will be one of the best gifts for Google users of their search. - Ana

  7. Spotify is already free, but if google will buy it (hopefully). google makes spotify to work on browser. after that, everybody with chrome os could listen sptify.

  8. Spotify?! Grooveshark is better.

  9. .. snd Tasks to Google Sync Please. Please. Please.

  10. #10 is already happening... see FF 4.0 Opera 10.50

  11. Surprised to see #16--you don't like Google Desktop?!!

  12. 20 wont happen - google don't buy desktop apps.
    more likely is that they'll buy a web-based streaming site, like we7 in the UK, or one of the others that hasn't been bought by apple or rupert murdoch...

  13. true i don't think google would buy spotify even if it would be a good thing

  14. I disagree with what you said about Google Wave. I think its going to be a hit with few improvements as someone said earlier.

  15. already does #5

  16. Google,
    Thank you for all the free services. I have immersed all my computer usage in Google tools and remain ecstatic.

  17. Imposible que Google Wave no sea un exito, corporativamente es
    increiblemente alucinante y no hay nada parecido!
    Sera un éxito completo para el 2010!

  18. I don't know...I think that point 11 is gonna be very important...

  19. Questions to all:

    Which browser started speed dial first?

  20. Hope for the best this year, so is it more easy or harder to fight on search result (google)?

  21. I see better search result for 2010, Great...I am really happy for this one.

  22. yes. i agree with is the best !!!

  23. One more things, android now become my favorite and it the best one.

  24. Google will be create more interested thing and a lot of innovation

  25. after going through your post, I think google already acted upon your third point, I does not know about others but third point is right.

    we will see if they follow the more points as you specified.

  26. after going through your post, I think google already acted upon your third point, I does not know about others but third point is right.

  27. It's rather a whishlist, huh?


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