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March 24, 2010

Dynamic Search Results Refinements

Search Engine Land spotted a new Google search feature. If you click on a search result from a forum and then go back to the search results page, Google adds a link that restricts the results to forum pages: "get more discussion results". The same feature is also available if you click on "show options" and select "discussions", but it's more difficult to find.

It's the first time when Google changes the search results page after clicking on a result. Google could add other related features: for example, it could show a list of similar pages.

When you click on a search result, Google tracks the click and uses it to adjust the order of search results. An interesting approach to personalize search results is to use the clicks to disambiguate the query and dynamically adjust the results. Surf Canyon is an extension that customizes your search results based on the results you've selected and shows recommendations when you click on a search result.


  1. i noticed this feature while trying to solve a linux sys admin problem during the week, it is most useful to have a forum-only search to cut out the clutter when searching for an answer

  2. I have noticed that when you select the discussion and forum then also you will find many sites which are not forums and blogs or some article. I think Google should improve in it. In fact If you want to search for forum discussion for particular topic with some complex query than Google just fail in it. I wish Google improve in that arena and make search more flexible.

  3. That surf canyon info was really cool.Thanks a lot!!!

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