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May 19, 2010

Google Wave, Available Without Invitation

At the Google I/O developer conference, Lars Rasmussen announced that Google Wave no longer requires invitation. If you have a Google account, go to and you can use Google's real-time communication service.

Google Wave is now available in Google Apps, so that businesses, universities and other organizations can improve communication flow.

"Anyone on a wave can edit or reply to any section, keeping discussion in context with relevant content. Everyone's typing shows up instantly, and Google Wave lets new participants get up to speed quickly with organized discussions and playback to see how a wave evolved."

Google Wave really shines at Google I/O, where it's used to view live notes, ask questions and discuss sessions. Here's a wave for today's keynote.


  1. I have google wave invitation. But I don;t use it I donl't know how to and why to use it.
    Please provide some tutorial kind of thing and mention some importance of wave.

  2. Good News!
    Now I'll try to get my father in for some melodikrysset action on saturdays here in Sweden :)

  3. Great news and great work Google. I have to add that I find it funny that so many people are still trying to figure out what Wave is. Here is a hint, If you do not need corporate scale real time project management and collaboration tools to run your life than Wave IS NOT for you. However, if you found yourself looking at Workzone, Clarizen, Oricle's Primavera, Tenrox, or any of the Microsoft solutions, Google Wave may be a great fit for you.

  4. why not wave idea?

  5. Google'a tavsiyem wave'i iş dünyasının kullanabilceği şekilde dizayn ederim.

  6. Too bad Google Wave is worthless.

  7. Its been a bad news for me man that Google Wave is been public. I have about 20+ invites left with 2 wave account remaining.. Now those are waste. No problem. Hope everyone will access Wave here after. Happy waving!

  8. Cool... but what is so different about wave, literally I want to know is google wave is offering something unique which others are not


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