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May 15, 2010

YouTube Shows the Number of Likes and Dislikes

When YouTube simplified the user interface and replaced ratings with two buttons for liking or disliking a video, the only information about the popularity of a video was the number of views. To see how many people liked or disliked a video, you had to click on one of the two buttons.

Now you can see if users enjoyed a video without having to rate it: YouTube shows two horizontal bars for the number of likes and dislikes. Some might be worried that visitors could be influenced by the existing ratings, but I think they're useful and YouTube should find a way to convert the old ratings to the new rating system.

The reason why YouTube dropped the 5 star rating system was that 5 stars dominated ratings. "Seems like when it comes to ratings it's pretty much all or nothing. Great videos prompt action; anything less prompts indifference. Thus, the ratings system is primarily being used as a seal of approval, not as an editorial indicator of what the community thinks about a video," mentioned a YouTube blog post from 2009.


  1. You should have used a bar or pie chart. This is a terrible way of presenting discrete data!

  2. I agree with that guy.

  3. I thought @Protector and @Anon were being too harsh, until I looked closer at that chart. Are you saying that No is ranked with a value of 0, and Yes is ranked with a value of 5?

    So your distribution is Value,Freq = (0,115), (5,2465)? If so, you really might want to revise or jsut remove this chart. It is so faint I can hardly see it. Also, @Protector is correct, you should never take a discrete variable and represent it as continue, liek that line chart (which has nothing on the x and y axes). Actually you could just take the red and green bars for like, rotate 90 degrees left, reverse flip horizontally, and you'd have a perfect bar chart.

    Otherwise, a great idea to get rid of 5 star rating system. I hope we'll continue seeing the graph of increase in usage over time, with highlights for when a video is first posted elsewhere, goes viral, age groups and demographics for where it is most popular. Youtube is great!

  4. I believe the chart above the comments(2nd) picture, is showing the way people rated with the 5 star system, people that liked a video went 5, people that didn't, either didn't vote or voted 1

  5. Can you see WHO liked or disliked the vids or the comments?

  6. yep, still the same thumbs up/down, but now you cant see the vote count unless u vote urself.

    Kinda weird this new way

  7. Does it show your name on the likes or dislikes?

  8. por que cuando le pongo like a un video
    no aumenta los likes de ese video

    y ya son varios que le dan like y se queda en el mismo numero

  9. por que solo cuando le doy like solo se quedo el mismo

    y tambien mis demas amigos le dan like al video no sube el nunmero de likes

    contesteme porfa!!!

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