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September 8, 2010

Google Doodle for Today's Launch

Even if Google said that the particles animation didn't celebrate a special event, it's probably the first time when Google uses doodles to build anticipation before launching a new feature. The doodle was fast, fun and interactive, just like the new search interface that shows results as you type a query.

Today, Google's homepage has a new doodle that shows a monochrome Google logo. When you start typing your query, Google brings back the color one letter at a time.

The doodle looks exactly like the new interface for Google Suggest:

It's now obvious that Google will launch "streaming search" today. Even Google's Twitter account confirms this: "Our doodle is dressing up in its brightest colors for something exciting coming very soon".


  1. how about we doodle on Sergey's face for not preserving net neutrality

  2. And again Opera is, completely needlessly, excluded.
    Why? Browserswitches are FAIL, everytime!

  3. @Mithy:

    Here's my theory: if you can't see the doodle, then streaming search won't be available in your country or it won't support your browser. That's probably the reason why the doodle is not displayed if you use Opera or you go to (Google Sweden), (Google Japan) etc.

  4. @Alex: nope, as soon as I switch my Opera to "Identify as Firefox" the Logo turns gray and is switched on letter by letter while typing. Just like yesterday particle-effect it DOES work on Opera, given the chance.
    To exclude Opera via browser-switch is either utter stupidity on Google's part or plain sabotage.

  5. nope, does not do anything in The Netherlands, not via, not in Explorer, Firefox or Opera.

  6. @Mithi:

    You didn't understand my comment. Google's doodle advertises a feature that won't work in Opera.



  7. so that's the reason why I can't find any description when I hover my mouse on the logo.

  8. hi i find this amazinnnnggg (the animation)


  9. @Alex browser is Chrome and I'm in Calif. USA. And I don't get the doodle!?!?

  10. How do I stop the query suggestions in the search box? They drive me nuts. The option "Query Suggestions" has been removed and we're stuck with the default. I don't want Google Instant either.

  11. can't understand all the fuss about instant search, its all blown out of proportion, can't see it revolutionising anything really...


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