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May 24, 2011

Google Tests Extended Flight OneBox

Google started to test a more advanced OneBox for flight-related searches. Right now, when you search for [flights from London to Barcelona] Google links to services like Expedia, Orbitz or Kayak. The OneBox is useful, but it doesn't show a list of flights.

After acquiring ITA Software, Google has access to a lot more information about flights and no longer have to send users to services like Expedia. Google can even provide information when you enter a vague query like [flights to Barcelona].

Here's the experimental flight OneBox, as spotted by Richard from SEO Gadget:

When you click "expand all non-stop routes to Barcelona", Google shows a very long list of cities. It's probably the biggest and most overwhelming Google OneBox. Maybe a drop-down would've been more useful.

After selecting one of the cities, Google sends you to a new search results page that shows a long list of flights.

It's nice to have all this information at your fingertips, but it's too overwhelming and these kinds of details aren't suited for an OneBox. Richard also noticed that "you get to data, with no call to action. I think this means most folks would be forced to repeat their search again on a flight provider."

Hopefully, Google will launch a Flight Search service that will also include the brilliant visualizations developed by ITA Software and the OneBox will just be a gateway to the new service.

Update: The feature is now available to everyone. "With the close of our ITA acquisition last month, we're eager to begin developing new flight search tools to make it easier for you to plan a trip. While this flight schedule feature does not currently use ITA's search technology, this is just a small step towards making richer travel information easier to find, and we hope to make finding flights online feel so easy, it'll feel like... well, a vacation," explains Google.

{ Thanks, Richard. }


  1. They should quit all OneBox experiments. Provides to little information to be useful. People dont search for this kind of information on Google. They use specialized apps and websites that provide better information.

  2. @Anonymous I think the "People" you are referring are the the normal "People" I know.

  3. Well, that was interesting, but not long-lived. It's gone now.

  4. i have downloaded google chrome operating system vdmk image from gdgt website. this image has a size of 321 mb in compress form and 720 mb after uncompressed!
    please tell me how to install it on my hard disk!

  5. What's google chrome?is it an operating system or its just an internet browser like internet explorer

  6. Its going to be the new thing. Its based on CLOUD COMPUTING. Meaning all you need is an internet connection. Google has always focused on ease of use for all their products. They have also focused on flawless products and they like free products and open source products they dont like hiding technology to suck the money out of their customers gradually.

  7. I dont think google can do it
    google has only database which is good
    But google search is not considered to be GOOD BY ANY ERUDITE PERSON. Because its low level search. Example is very simple: Google search in CHINA. It popsup with all Porno when you are searching something very simple and clean stuff.
    Google can surely have nice product of OS but sure can not replace WINDOWS. I think google stategy of launching OS is completely wroung. It should have first come up with some sucussful products like MS OFFICE.

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.


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