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May 21, 2011

Google Business Profiles?

The source code of the Google Profiles page includes a broken link that has a revealing anchor text: "business profiles". The link sends you to a page that doesn't exist:, but this feature could add Google Profiles to Google Apps and allow users to create multiple profile pages.

Another interesting thing is that Google has a new subdomain:, which redirects to Google Profiles. There's already a Web page about the +1 button, so it's not clear why Google has a new address for Google +1. Maybe profiles will be a feature of Google +1.

{ Thanks, Florian. }


  1. Well, a profile is required for +1 to work.

  2. Interesting, I believe that Google most show something soon. The key to sucess is to evolve the important areas of development. I also believe that a Google branded social network would need Chrome OS and vice verse. Right now they are on track to release netbooks with quick boot times but I can see a market for powerful computers like desktops running Chrome OS. Imagine a desktop with a boot time of 3-4 seconds that can run through hd-videos like butter and have lightning speed all over the system.

    They could also make Chrome OS more fun with folders for applications, widgets etc. Right now the browser is the OS but you have all that extra space in the background. Why not use it? This would attract consumers to the operating system and the social network.

    The next big part is to evolve Gtalk so it connects with MobileMe users. The difference between Google and Apple can you summarize in a couple of words.

    Google make software that make themself more productive. They make products that they want to use. Apple make product that the consumers want to use. One example here is Google docs. A very complicated product that have a high initial learning curve to understand for consumers. Google docs lack for example the beautiful templates that Pages have on the mac. They could add spell checking for more languages. Picasa Web albums is great but the MobileMe gallery is easier to understand.

    A great product is like the human brain. Simple at first glance but with great power within. Product should suprise you, not overwhelm you with links, icons etc. The only Google products that I really love is Maps and Gmail. Gtalk is also great but could use some polish.

  3. google products are used by 1.5 billion plus people, next time you try to spin that apple is more loved by google, better provide proof.

  4. I think this is a smart move by Google. Given the myriad of different services they provide businesses giving them a single place to control all that information makes sense.

  5. well if you substitude the missing part for "a/DOMAIN" domain being the google apps domain

    so something like: it just redirects to the dashboard:

  6. Okay now this is excellent. Probably more a threat to LinkeIn than to FB though

  7. Well maybe Google Apps users will finally be able to have... a profile last !

  8. @alexandrojv:>


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