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May 20, 2011

Google eBooks Integrates with Google Dictionary, Google Translate and Google Search

Google's eBook Reader for the Web added a contextual menu that lets you define, translate and search for a selected word or text. "To select text in a Google eBook within the Web Reader, double-click or highlight it with your mouse and a pop-up menu opens with the following options: Define, Translate, Search Book, Search Google and Search Wikipedia," explains the Google Books blog.

Definitions are obtained from Google Dictionary, while translation is powered by Google Translate. If you click "Search Book", Google shows a list of all the instances in which the selected text appears in the book.

These features aren't available yet in the Google Books apps for Android and iPhone.


  1. This popup is incredibly annoying. I always hightlight lines of text while reading to help me keep my place. Is there any way of disabling this popup?

  2. This pop-up is annoying for sure. I wonder if some pop-up blocker can fix it for us? I tried AdBlock+ but it either didn't help or I did something wrong.
    Anyway Google ebooks are a great addition to its famous search engine and fast web browser.


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