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June 18, 2011

Google Could Add Face Recognition to Google Profiles

Florian Rohrweck found a lot of interesting things analyzing Google's code. For example, Google Profiles will add an option that will allow Google to recognize your face in other people's photos. Picasa Web's name tags can become global: a new section from your profile titled "photos of you" will list the photos from other people where you are tagged. Google provides an approval mechanism, so you can reject some of the photos. "When a tag is approved, it is linked to your profile, and the photo is added to the 'Photos of you' section."

Google Profiles will include a new tab for videos, a photo editing feature, you'll be able to group your friends in "circles", chat from Google Profiles and add gadgets. There's also a "camera sync" feature that could automatically upload the photos from the "camera" album of a mobile phone or tablet.

As expected, Google Profiles is the place where Google's social efforts are most visible. Buzz will be a back-end service for activity streams and not a standalone service. Google Profiles could eventually replace iGoogle, since it will add support for gadgets and it will include the most interesting items shared by the people you're following.

{ Thanks, Florian. }


  1. Eric Schmidt said that facial recognition was ready to go but that Google didn't like the potential for abuse of the technology so they weren't putting it operation.

  2. He also hinted they would do it but they would only do it when the privacy concerns were answer. It look like Google may only allow the use of the technology to identify your face if you tell it tell to, if you say no to the service then anyone search for your face would get no results.

    Seem like Google profiles will become a central management tool for all of Google products. An it seem like it will be getting great integration into the Android operating system and probably Chrome OS as well.

    I look forward to seeing the pieces come together.

  3. Interesting post. Will the photos be viewable outside the Google profile? Will it have the ability to work with other platforms like twitte?

  4. All of this is a push to find out more about you to personalize search results based on what you do socially - its a relaunch of Google's whole social strategy


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