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June 22, 2011

Mobile Gmail Adds "Pull Down to Refresh"

Gmail's mobile Web app for iOS added a feature first available in Tweetie, which is now the official Twitter client for iPhone and iPad. Instead of clicking a button to refresh the list of messages, you simply pull down the list and wait to see the new messages. It's a really intuitive way to update a list and many mobile apps started to use it.

"One thing that's cool about Tweetie 2 is the fresh paradigm to refreshing the contents of a table view. Up until now we had been looking for space to mount a reload button on, sometimes having to resort to adding an extra tool bar for just one view so that you can have enough space. Now if you have a tableview that it sorted reverse chronologically, then you have a natural urge to make new items appear at the top by pulling down the table with extra force," suggested Oliver Drobnik back in 2009, when Tweetie added this feature, which is now available in mobile Gmail.


  1. i imagine this might not work on all android devices considering not all of them have a touchscreen display?

  2. How about adding this to the Gmail app?!

  3. now add it to mobile reader page...

  4. Great job, Google!

    Howver, there are still many state languages disadvantaged with millions of speakers - Sinhalese (in Sri Lanka), Burmese (in Myanmar), Lao, Mongolian, Kazakh, Kyrghyz, Tajik, Uzbek, Dzongkha (in Bhutan). The technical support for some of these languages is very poor and dictionaries are almost non-existent. You need to install additional fonts just to see the correct characters. Even typing and transliterating into Roman for some could be a huge challenge.


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