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September 15, 2011

Rich Snippets for Apps

Now that both the Apple App Store and the Android Market have Web interfaces, Google decided to show better snippets for the results from these sites. The next time you search for [Angry Birds], [Cut the Rope], [Shazam] or [ASTRO File Manager], you'll find results that include a small icon, the app's rating, the number of reviews and the price. For now, only the results from the Android Market include thumbnails.

Google also shows rich snippets for review sites like CNET. If you own an app store or you have a site that allows users to download software, you can get similar snippets by adding some special markup. "When you mark up software application information in the body of a web page, Google can identify it and, when users search for apps, use this information to better display your app details in search results."


  1. i like the star review. It make it easier for us to distinguish between app and other website. :-)

  2. This is one of the good advancements. A user can now make a clear decision to view the app or not.


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