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November 9, 2011

Google Starts Exporting Notebooks to Google Docs

Google Notebook is one of the many Google Labs services that will be shutdown. The team stopped developing the service three years ago and it's surprising that you can still use most of the features in the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox and other browsers.

A message now informs users that Google "will automatically export your Notebooks to Google Docs starting November 11, 2011". The FAQ explains that "once we start the transition, each notebook you have will automatically be exported to Google Docs. We will do this for every single notebook, and you won't have to do anything. This export will work the same as the existing 'Export to Docs' feature in Notebook. The format of the new documents will be as if you manually exported each of your notebooks to Docs."

Google hasn't released a new app for notes probably because the Google Docs word processing app is good enough to handle notes. There's even a cool Chrome extension developed by Google that lets you take notes and synchronizes them with Google Docs.

{ Thanks, Shahed and Taylor. }


  1. i moved everything from g-notes to evernote once google made clear they will discontinue. take this, google :-)

  2. In these days I have been seeing Google is either making changes or shutting down its services...

  3. Tecno-Net access more than 15 tests on Google interface:

  4. This is the message that I got when I tried to access Scratchpad on the Chrome Webstore:

    This webpage is not available
    The webpage at chrome-extension://kjebfhglflhjjjiceimfkgicifkhjlnm/html/view.html might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.

  5. Do you mean Scratchpad? I tried to use it, but it brings me to a kind of authorization loop and I am unable to get to the application starting point...

  6. about scratchpad: in the end it worked... I didn't understand what was the problem, but it works anyway.

  7. Really google docs are very useful I am using them in my company you must use it you will also find it very useful.

  8. Yep, moved everything to Evernote when they gave up on Notebook... I really loved it, but Evernote is pretty awesome too, cool to have the app right on my Droid. Nice to see Google is helping us out though by exporting the old stuff in my notebooks... at least I have it there for backup if need be someday.

  9. google as usual -infuriatingly cause confusion
    My notebook is in read only mode -how long will MY transfer take ? DAYS???? , WEEKS ???? , MONTHS ???? OVER A YEAR??? FAQ - fails to tell most important info -typical google failing
    Why obsession with stopping best bits? - news archive stopping /gone rubbish .How long before street view is dumped?? -why is google dumping stuff i use?

  10. I'm also none too pleased. I much prefer notebook to that silly documents thing.
    Also, the conversion doesn't go automatically, but you can do it manually for each notebook.

  11. The point is, Google's CEO won't listen to users but Steve Jobs who believed his own instinct. This CEO wants to become another Steve Jobs.

  12. After 5 hours search, I failed to find any solutions to replace Google Notebook with Google Doc. Does anyone know any tutorials about it?

  13. Holy shit!!! :( :(
    The service is now closed!! f┬Áck *ff!! :(((
    What are the alternatives???

    Evernote as Anonymous said?

    Google you are doing as you please with your customers!!!
    Zero respect for us!

  14. Evernote - doesn't have sections
    Zoho Notebook - doesn't have label
    Uber Notes - difficult to navigate and slow, Google Docs - lack all the important features of Google Notebook

    I am desperately looking for a replacement and none so far is as good.

  15. Yeah, a well managed transition. (Still annoyed at the loss of my squares and subsequent linkrot, but I'm glad to see this shutdown is handled better)

  16. hi, pls tryout, which covers almost 100% of Google Notebook's features,
    it also has the same interface as Google Notebook.


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