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December 14, 2012

Chromebooks, Best-Selling Laptops

Who said that Chromebooks aren't popular? If you look at Amazon's list of the best sellers in the "Laptop computers" category, you'll find 4 Chromebooks in the top 11:

#1: Samsung Chromebook (57 days in the top 100) - out of stock
#5: Samsung Chromebook 3G (57 days in the top 100) - out of stock
#9: Samsung Series 5 550 Chromebook (199 days in the top 100)
#11: Acer C7 Chromebook (6 days in the top 100)

What other notebooks are constantly in the top 10? Apple's MacBook Pro and MacBook Air, which are also the top-rated laptops. Samsung's ARM Chromebooks are the #9 and #10 top-rated laptops, after a long list of MacBook models.

Samsung's ARM Chromebook is also the best-selling laptop at Amazon UK:

What about France, Germany, Spain, Italy? Google says that "Chromebooks are currently sold out. We are working on getting more devices available for you soon."


  1. Good news !
    And the Acer C7 at 1999$ is not even available on Amazon !

  2. Not sure how to interpret this. I haven't seen a chromebook myself or heard anybody who I know using it.

    One possibility is that say 100 chromebook model 1 are sold. 100 different laptop models are sold 90 each. I believe only very few models of chromebook are available but a lot for windows laptops. The same can be said about Macbook pro which is at the top of the list.

  3. Imagine how many more they could sell if they were available in other countries, say for example, YOUR NEIGHBOUR TO THE NORTH, CANADA. No, I am not bitter at all....:(

  4. Yeah, I'm with you on global availability and lack of supply. It's the exact same situation with Nexus 4. Google needs to do a better market research to know how many of their products to order from the OEM before making them available. And also, there's something to be said for the mindshare that a single launch in multiple countries makes, like Apple does with its products.

    Come to think of it, as good as Google is with big data and clever algorithms, they really could learn a few lessons when it comes to retail and supply chaing management. Retail is hard, no doubt about that, but it's not particularly new, we know how to do it properly. Maybe they need to poach a few heads from Apple/Amazon. Those guys know how to do retail.

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