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December 12, 2012

Security Notifications for Google Accounts

A Google help center page mentions a new feature that will be added to the Google Account settings page: security notifications.

"Google notifies you via email and/or text message when your password is changed, and when we detect a suspicious attempt to sign in to your account. If you receive a notification about a password change you didn't make, or an attempt to sign in to your account that wasn't you, these email and text message notifications will provide details on next steps to help you secure your account," informs Google.

This feature should be available under the "security" tab of the Account Settings page, but I don't see it. Maybe it's enabled in your accounts.

In other related news, the Account Settings page has a new interface and shows information about your account activity, a large photo from your profile, Google Drive storage data.

{ Thanks, Herin. }


  1. I saw it in my account a few days ago, didn't realize it was new, but cool.

  2. this feature is not available for my account too

  3. If you receive a notification about a password change you didn't make, electronic gates

  4. I see the security options, but it looks like email notifications get sent to my gmail account -- if an attacker has changed my password, I won't be able to get at that email! I have other email addresses under recover options, but don't see a way to get it to send the notification to them. Am I missing something?


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