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December 5, 2012

YouTube's App for iPad

Three months after releasing an app for iPhone, YouTube updated it and added an interface optimized for iPad. The lack of a built-in YouTube app for iPad created an opportunity for other developers to come up with their own YouTube apps and some of them are pretty good.

YouTube also updated the app to fill the entire 4-inch display of the iPhone 5 and added AirPlay support. The initial version of the app didn't have AirPlay support and asked users to enable AirPlay mirroring, an inefficient method to play videos on an Apple TV. The new version supports AirPlay, but it uses a non-standard video player and videos stop playing on the Apple TV when you close the app. Another side-effect is that you still can't use the background audio trick that lets you play songs or any other videos while opening another app or after locking the device. Both features are available in Apple's old YouTube app and YouTube's mobile web app.

Obviously, YouTube's app has a lot of features that weren't available in the built-in app: recommendations, unified video history, voice search, closed captions, activity feeds. Unfortunately, the iPad app has a pretty low information density and most sections show fewer videos than Apple's YouTube app. For example, the search feature shows only 4 results at a time in the landscape mode, while Apple's app displayed 12 results. YouTube offers some advanced search options: sorting by date, ratings or view count, finding recent videos and filtering by duration, but the interface tries too hard to be consistent with the desktop interface, while ignoring that a tablet has a small screen. Apple's App Store app from iOS 6 made a similar mistake by showing a small number of results at a time.


  1. The bug in the YouTube app where it doesn't play in the background is also felt on the android app - it also deletes any cache of the video if you switch to another app. Hopefully, (unlike on the new GMail App, which is now better than on Android IMHO) Google will bring it to Android first.

    1. It isn't a bug cause it's supposed to be like that. The old workaround of being able to play videos while the phone was locked was more of a bug.

  2. I have a big bug. Once tried to log in with Google Apps account (not standart Google account), the YouTube app start showing an error. The bug is, that I can't log out and log in with normal account any more, or just continue to use it not being not loged in. Tried to rebbot the app and the device - not works. Wired.

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