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January 23, 2014

Chrome Photo Wall?

There's a weird page at which only shows an input box for entering a password. The title of the page is "temp login". A photo wall is a gallery of photos, so this could be a Chrome experiment that shows your photos in an interesting way, maybe using WebGL. is a domain owned by Google since 2012 and it's used for various Chrome-related experiments, games, promotions and services like Chrome Maze, Roll It, Racer, Super Sync Sports, Give a Chromebook, Good to Know.

The domain was previously used by "Chrome Systems Inc/DealerTrack, Inc. which notified customers in March that as of  September 1, 2012 they will stop using the domain name and use the domain name instead". Some pages created by the previous owner are still indexed by Google, even if they no longer exist.

Update (March 2014): Chromecast Photowall is now live.

{ Thanks, Florian K. }

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