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January 15, 2014

Star Google Contacts

Google announced a new starring feature for contacts. Now you can star contacts and they'll be added to the Starred group.

"Just like how you can star important messages in your inbox, you can now star individuals in your Google Contacts list. (...) For those of you who use Android, your Starred contacts will stay in sync with your Android Favorites. Starring a contact on desktop will star that same person in your Android contacts, and vice-versa, so you can see and manage your contacts seamlessly wherever you may be."

Until now, Google used the "Starred in Android" group for favorite contacts, but this was more like a workaround. Now it's a native Gmail feature.

I don't see the new feature in the desktop Gmail interface, so this will probably be gradually added in the coming days.

{ Thanks, Matt Carney. }

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