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January 16, 2014

Google Works on a Fitness API for Android

Wearables are now the next big thing. A lot of companies develop smart watches, smart glasses and head-up displays, smart headphones, smart clothes. They all include low-power sensors that can obtain information about your health, your activities, the things you see.

Android 4.4 supports some new sensors for detecting and counting steps. These sensors are implemented in hardware and are only available on Nexus 5.

Google now works on a Fitness API for Android which will allow applications to view and edit fitness data. They can "view and edit your fitness tracking, health and activities data, including reading and writing raw and transformed data". This might allow Google to store data obtained from multiple sources to your Google account so that other applications can process it, show charts and other useful information.

It's not clear if this new API will be available in the next Android release or in Google Play Services.

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