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June 29, 2014

Google's Detailed World Cup Results

Google used to call them OneBox results. Now they're interactive gadgets that provide detailed information.

World Cup instant results are probably the most comprehensive OneBox results ever added by Google. They offer so much real-time information that you don't even have to visit other sites. A search for [world cup] shows today's matches and the matches from any other day, group results and a chart for the second stage.

Search for a match and Google shows a timeline, match stats and lineups. Search for a country (for example: [argentina world cup]) and Google shows the latest matches and results.

There are also Google Now cards with useful information and notifications:

To see much Google's results have evolved, here are the OneBox results from 2010:

Another screenshot:

Here are the results from 2006:

Google doesn't only show interactive results for the FIFA World Cup, it also replaces the Google logo with a lot of interactive doodles: 40 World Cup doodles in 18 days. Too many.

In 2010, Google only used 2 doodles for the opening day and final, as well as a few doodles from the Doodle 4 Google competition. In 2006, Google used a single doodle adapted for the participating countries.

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