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June 30, 2014

More Google Shortcuts

More Google services let you add shortcuts to the app launcher. Here are some of the new services I found:

* Google Image Search
* Google Video Search - for some reason, the app launcher doesn't display an icon when adding the shortcut
* Google Hotel Finder
* Google Support
* Google Helpouts
* Google Map Maker

To add a shortcut, visit a Google service, make sure you are logged in, click the app launcher icon at the top of the page and click "add a shortcut" next to the service's name. You can rearrange icons using drag and drop and move shortcuts to the "more" section.

Here are some other services you can add:

* Google Play Music
* Google Voice
* Google Patent Search
* Google Webmaster Tools
* Google Groups
* Google Sites
* Google Keep
* Google Contacts

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