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December 4, 2014

My Maps Pro, Free for Everyone

My Maps Pro used to be the paid version of My Maps. It was previously called Maps Engine, while the free version was called Maps Engine Lite. My Maps Pro had less restrictive limitations than My Maps and it was better suited for companies. "Both My Maps and My Maps Pro give you the power to create custom maps that you can share and publish online. While My Maps is perfect for creating and sharing personal maps, such as places to visit on vacation or your favorite hiking trails, Pro is designed for business or advanced personal use," explained Google.

Now My Maps Pro features are available for free in My Maps:

More layers and places: You can now add up to 10 layers to your maps, and import spreadsheets or CSV files with up to 2,000 addresses per layer. (The limits for free version of My Maps were previously 5 layers/500 addresses per layer.) Now everyone can create richer, more robust maps, and businesses can visualize and analyze larger location-based datasets.

More map views: Got a great map you want to share with the world? Maps you share publicly and embed on your site can now be viewed up to 25,000 times per day. (The limit for free version of My Maps was previously 2,500 views.) And for growing businesses, more map views mean your maps will scale with your business.

{ Thanks, Andrea Leardini. }


  1. What is a published map worth that can not show a route to a marked location ??

  2. Excellent program, thank you for the introduction of pro-features:) I work in water utilities, and continue to find cost savings as well as functionality using Google My Maps. For small cities, this provides a low cost GIS solution. The maps are easily shared, unlike most high cost GIS programs. Best map Program ever Google.


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