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December 10, 2014

Google Removes Old Firefox Start Page

Firefox's start page used to be a page hosted by Google: Firefox 4 changed this and switched to an internal page back in 2011. Google has now removed the customized homepage with Firefox branding and redirects to the regular homepage. You can still find the page in Google's cache.

The start page still used the black bar navigation menu, the old Google logo, the old Firefox logo and informed users that they're "not on the latest version of Firefox".

Before launching Chrome, Google promoted a special version of Firefox bundled with Google Toolbar. The AdSense referral program paid up to $1 per conversion. Here's a page from 2007: "When you switch from Internet Explorer to the Firefox browser, your web surfing will be faster and safer – whenever you want to go online, all you have to do is click the Firefox icon."

{ Thanks, Andrew Floyd. }

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