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December 2, 2014

Image Options in Google Docs

Google Docs added a cool feature that was already available in Google Slides: you can now change image options. Right click an image, pick "image options" from the menu or click the image and use the "image options" feature from the Format menu. You can change the color of the image using filters in the "Recolor" section and adjust transparency, brightness and contrast.

While the new features are pretty useful, Google Docs should include more powerful image editing tools, like the ones that are available in Google+ Photos. Hopefully, Google manages to build an HTML5 image editing widget that could be added to any Google service, so you can quickly edit Gmail's image attachments, photos uploaded to Blogger, images from Google Docs documents and Google Drive photos.

{ via Google Apps Updates }

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  1. When I try to adjust brightness/contrast within documents the image just completely disappears. Very annoying bug.


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