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December 9, 2014

Updated YouTube App for Apple TV

YouTube's app for Apple TV has a completely new UI that's more in line with YouTube's desktop and mobile interfaces. The updated app also includes personalized recommendations, shows suggestions as you type and lets you watch all the YouTube videos, not just some of them.

If you use Apple's remote, it's pretty cumbersome to enter a query. The new app shows search suggestions as you type and also displays search results, so it's easier to find a video.

YouTube's app now plays related videos automatically. You can pause the video and pick a related video from the list or you can sit back and watch some relevant videos picked by YouTube.

"The most consequential change is that YouTube videos on Apple TV will run with ads. Which also means that all of the videos that run on YouTube (most notably music videos) will now run on YouTube's Apple TV app," reports Re/code.

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