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October 15, 2015

Google Families?

Google's password manager available at has an interesting list of URLs in the source code. Most URLs redirect to Google's My Account page, but there's a new subdomain which returns a 404 error: It's not clear if Google intends to launch a new account manager for families.

Google Chrome already has a feature that lets you add supervised users and setup parental controls. You can block certain websites, review browsing history, change settings. Google Play has a Family section that highlights family-friendly content and Google Play Music will offer a family plan for $14.99. There's also YouTube for Kids.

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  1. I sure hope this means I'll be able to group accounts and share content without having to resort to work-arounds. But for those of us who are already using a work-around I hope they'll give us a migration path.

    Than again, maybe this is something completely different.


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