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October 22, 2015

Google Photos Stats

Google has some stats about Google Photos, the online photo sharing service released 5 months ago. Google Photos has 100 million monthly active users. They created more than 15 million animations and collages and their backed-up photos and videos use more than 3,720 TB of storage.

Paris is the top photographed place, followed by New York and Barcelona. Besides people, food and cars are the most photographed things. Sky, beaches and mountains are also included in the top 10 things photographed by Google users. The top 6 events in Google Photos are: wedding, concerts, Christmas, dancing, birthday and clubbing.

The most popular searches are for baby photos, but "me" is also a popular query.


  1. And hopefully they will fix the bug with quota overreporting. (
    Or at least let people have a clear view of what photos/videos are
    actually using up space.

    Then less people will be left with the need to completely delete their entire photo collections, and reupload!

  2. do you have any idea why Face Recognition is not enabled in the UK / Europe with Google photos?


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