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October 15, 2015

Chrome Notifications in Google's Navigation Bar

It looks like the Google Notifications section is not only for Google+ and Google Photos. Daniel Fletcher, a reader of this blog, noticed a Chrome notification from a supervised user who sent a permission request.

It's likely that more Google services and products will show notifications in the navigation bar. Google already stacks the notification cards for Google Photos.

{ Thanks, Daniel. }


  1. Could this be a new way for Chrome to centralize notifications after Google removes (as they have with Chrome Beta updated today) the Windows, Mac, etc., desktop notification center?

    1. It seems like that's the plan.
      It would make sense too as this notification center probably gets more attention.

    2. and it is shared over ALL devices - not only the ones with chrome installed ;)

  2. The idea (cross-platform sync) is cool, but how do we access it without an extension on a non-Google site?

  3. Until now I see only Google+ notifications. Nothing from Google Photos there.

  4. What about Gmail and Google Maps notifications?


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