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April 6, 2006

Blogs And Social Networks Outgrow Internet Giants

A study by ComScore Media Metrix showed that blogs and social sites have a much bigger growth than more established sites like or, reports Washington Post.

"Top-ranked sites growing the most were, a personal publishing site;, where young people do virtual preening and share musical tastes; Wikipedia, an open reference site jointly edited by millions of people; and Citysearch, a network of local guides focused on cities. Google Inc., for instance, bought in 2003; the number of people posting or reading material at that site jumped to 15.6 million last month from 2.5 million a year ago."

Google has a much bigger growth than rivals Yahoo and MSN, although Yahoo has invested more in community features, in social networks (Flickr,, My Web 2.0) and still dominates webmail market.

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