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April 10, 2006

EBCD: System Recovery Boot CD

EBCD is a valuable boot CD, intended for system recovery in the case of software or hardware faults. Using EBCD, you can:

* recover deleted file, even file re-deleted from Windows Recycle Bin

* wipe single file or a whole disk so that it will be impossible to recover it in any way

* recover data from accidently formatted disk

* recover master boot record of HDD

The CD includes: DOS v7.10, Volkov Commander, FDisk, SCSI disk support, NTFSDOS read-only version, NT password recovery, NU DiskEdit, NU Unerase, NU Unformat.

Download ebcd-0_6_1-pro-sfx.exe [EBCD 0.6.1, 17 MB, alternate locations], run it, select a folder for installation, go to the folder and run makeebcd.exe. You will have a 60.4 MB ISO you can burn on a CD.

Note: The CD hasn't been updated since 2004 at the software's homepage and the download location you can find above is one of the few still available.

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