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April 17, 2006

Google Wishlist

Google Blogoscoped has a Google Feature Request page where you can write your top 3 feature wishes.

What people want from Google?

* more reliable spam detection
* search within Gmail attachments
* integration with Reader
* voice in Gmail Chat

* cross-language search
* being able to search for parts of words instead of whole words
* support for regular expressions in search
* request pages that are under a certain size.
* search results in RSS or Atom format

* integration with AIM, ICQ, MSN, Yahoo
* send files with GTalk
* record GTalk conversations
* voice conferencing

* Calendar sync with Pocket PC, PDA
* Mobile Calendar
* show Google Calendar within blogs

People also want: GDrive, better integration between Google services, updated Blogger with categories, cross-platform Google Software and a better translation service.

This list contains the feature requests sorted by frequency.

What do you want from Google?

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