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April 1, 2006

Is Google Browser the Greatest Browser?

Why should you use Google Browser?

* You don't need a mouse to use it. Everything can be done using keyboard shortcuts, without dialogs and buttons.

* You don't need extensions for popup blocking, advertising blocking.

* You'll never need printer-friendly versions for a page.

* You won't waste time and bandwidth downloading useless pictures and Flash intros.

* Marissa Mayer uses Pine for business mail - "a simple text-based mailer in a crunchy little terminal window with Courier fonts". Google Browser can also read your mail.

* You don't need help files. You just need to know:
Use the up and down arrow (cursor) keys to move between links.
To follow the link to the next webpage, press the right arrow (or hit Enter).
To go back a page, use the left arrow.
Use Page Up/Page Down to move between screens.
To visit a new site, type g, then the site address and press enter.
Pressing the foward slash key , ‘ / ‘, allows you to search the current page for a keyword.
Stop page loading pressing z, quit the browser with q.

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