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June 18, 2006

GPS Google Ads On Radio

Eric Schmidt thinks that "when he is listening to the radio in his car, radio ads should personally address him about his needs. For example, while driving past a clothing store, a radio ad should remind Eric that he needs a pair of pants and instruct him to turn left at the upcoming clothing store."

The GPS system should help radios deliver targeted ads based on information about the person. Google Maps could provide details about local businesses, the ads would be audio AdSense ads, while the information about user's needs could be obtained from the searches or from his ToDo lists (a gadget for Google Desktop and Personalized Homepage).

dMarc Broadasting, recently acquired by Google, "connects advertisers and agencies directly to radio stations with a robust advertising platform that automates everything from sales to scheduling, delivery and report". So this company is the first brick in the development of a new breed of radio advertising.

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