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June 17, 2006

Google Index Flooded With Spam

Google doesn't show the number of pages in the index on its homepage, but a good way to find it is to search for "* *". The resulting number is 25,270,000,000. Google says their index is more than 3 times larger than any other search engine. But what kind of pages are included in this huge index? Let's see:

Search for []: 2,460,000,000 results and every page is a search result from a spam site.

Search for []: 5,100,000,000 results that redirect to the same spam site.

Here's Alexa traffic:

And the list of spam sites is really long. So that means Google has upgraded its index with spam sites.

Note: Yahoo and MSN have very few pages from the sites mentioned (MSN: 59 results, Yahoo: 11,800 results for []).

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