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September 14, 2006

Google Personalized Homepage Has Tabs

After adding minimize buttons for modules, Google lets you organize the personalized homepage using tabs. If you don't see the tabs yet, in a few hours you'll be able to use them.

You can add at most six tabs, edit their names, drag and drop modules to a tab. Each tab has a different color and you can't change it. Unfortunately, the tabs don't work very well. Douglas, a reader of this blog, says:

"My tabs are crazy right now. I added stuff to one and it added it to all of the tabs.. and they happen to disappear every few refreshes."

If you drag and drop a module, it will keep its position. You'll also notice that changing tabs can take a while. One warning: if you delete a tab, make sure to move the modules in other tabs, otherwise you'll delete them too.

If you have this new feature, tell us what you think about it. Will you use Google's personalized homepage more?

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