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September 3, 2006

Personalized Start Page For Organizations

I've always liked one thing about Netvibes: you can create more than one personalized page and share it with other people. Google Personalized Homepage doesn't allow you to do that yet, but Google has teamed up with companies like Dell to provide co-branded start pages.

It seems that you don't have to be a big partner with Google to create a shared personalized page. Google will add to its newly-launched corporate package a personalized start page.

"The personalized start page is a syndicated version of the Google personalized homepage, allowing you to set up dynamic homepages for your users that bring together your content, Google services, and the best of the web.

The personalized start page uses the same technology as the Google's personalized homepage, but lets you create a customized version of the page that is tailored to your users. Combine your own content with additional external content and modules of your choice, and tailor the look and feel of the page with different logos, colors, and fonts. End users of the page still have the ability to incorporate any content from the web, or any Google Gadget, enabling them a degree of customization over the content of the page."

What's interesting is that administrators can add AdSense ads to the page. The personalized start pages will have this address: . More at Google's help page, which explains that only selected users can have this feature for the moment.

The start page could be the one-stop place for all the members of an organization: it will mix personal information (mail, news) with corporate information (news, resources) and Google search. A really useful fusion.

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