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November 20, 2006

Extra Storage for Picasa Web Albums

Chris L. found an option to get more storage in Picasa Web Albums.

* Up to 250GB of storage space in your Picasa Web Albums account.

* 12 months of hassle-free uploading and sharing
No complicated monthly bandwidth limits to keep track of.

Each year, we'll automatically renew your account. But don't worry, we'll always contact you with the option of cancelling before charging your credit card.

You can always use your free Picasa Web Albums account without upgrading.

Choose the amount of storage you want:

6.25GB ($25 per year)
25GB ($100 per year)
100GB ($300 per year)
250GB ($500 per year)

These options seem to be available only for the US users. On the other hand, Yahoo Photos, that has been recently updated, has free unlimited storage and more features than Picasa Web Albums (like tags, ratings, search, photo editing, private albums).

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