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November 1, 2006


If I were to define blogs, I'd say they are an honest form of expression. Sharing what's interesting to you with an audience, discussing what do you think about current events, building connections and links.

I started this blog last year as an exercise. I've been following Google's evolutions for many years and I thought this is a good excuse to learn more about a company I like.

I didn't invent the concept of Google Operating System, I just wanted to tell its story. The platform is already there, some pieces are already built, but Google's operating system will continue to amaze us in the months to come.

What have I learnt in this year of blogging? You can learn from other people without stealing their work. Mistakes are sometimes the beginning of an exploration. Comments can make a small idea much more valuable than it really is. The best way to report news is to create them.

When I create a new post, I try to write it for me. If I find it useful for me, if it makes me happy or if it's something I really need to write, I'll press "Publish post".

While the first months of this blog were just a small echo, the first post that made an impact was Google Browser, an April Fool's Day joke. Without that (shallow) post, this blog wouldn't exist now. The impressive audience that followed after that little post made me more responsible and forced me to grow.

Thank you, Philipp Lenssen and the impressive community from Google Blogoscoped. Thank you, those who read this blog, write their comments or send tips. Thank you, Google for being the most interesting subject in the tech industry.

This blog is not affiliated with Google.