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February 2, 2007

Google Notebook Update

Google Notebook has been updated. First, there's a new version of the extension ( that lets you make the mini notebook pop out into a new window. Now you don't have to go to the site to see the full notebook.

Google also updated the rich-text editor and included the same big buttons that are now available in Google Page Creator.

Public notebooks have feeds, so if you find an interesting notebook, subscribe to the feed read the updates.

{ Thank you, Chad. }


  1. Now more languages are supported in the extension,including Chinese.

  2. it's getting there (real slow), but is still missing some really important features :

    - choose which notebook to send marked text to from the right-click menu

    - open the pop-up with the notebook list expanded

    - timestamp on all notes

    - all options from the fullpage view in the pop-up

    - "read-only" role when sharing a notebook

    - some kind of "save complete webpage" feature

    - send to notebook from google reader (strictly speaking the is porbably a reader feature...)

    - some kind of microphone / line in feature to add a dictaphone feature

  3. Where is the rss feeeeeed? the one feature i was waiting for

  4. What I miss is an Opera sidebar version of the Notebook (I admit, there is already a notes sidebar, but I like Google Notebook).

    If there is a pop up version of it, then it could be adapted (just as a page) to let it make use of the length of the sidebar.

    The current Notebook full page is too broad for use with the sidebar.

  5. Where is the RSS feed?

    Actually, it's an ATOM feed. You'll find it in any public notebook. For example, if you have a public notebook, click on "View" (at the top of the window, next to "Sharing options"). In Firefox 2, Internet Explorer 7, Opera 9 and maybe other browsers, you'll see the feed icon in the address bar. Click on that icon.

  6. Yep! it's there! thanks... i was looking for a non public notebook so i couldn't find it.

    it's very practical to subscribe to the feed if you cooperate on a specific notebook.

  7. Using the IE extension w/ IE7, I see that the notebook icon at the bottom of the window does not track window resize. If the window is increased in size, the icon remains visible, but hovers over the document area. If the window is reduced in size, the icon is no longer visible.

    Has anyone else seen this?

  8. I share mine out to a lot of people and even iframe it into my site as a blog type thing.. sure would be cool if I could have some more blog like features and control over the look and feel. Or, if blogger would work more like Notebook and let me pick and choose from anywhere to add content.

  9. Thanks, it is kinda cool. Looking for the rss feeds option.