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February 27, 2007

Google's Australian Flyover Disappoints

In January, Google tried to take high-resolution photos from Sydney. It was Australia's national day, so the photos should've been special. Microsoft tried to do the same, but Google was unlucky: "Google's plans fell apart due to no-fly zone restrictions due to air safety on low-flying planes. Google’s plane was too low for the government, which did not let it fly over Sydney, although some of the other areas were photographed. Microsoft’s plane was fine, since its photographic equipment allowed it to fly higher, but many who had planned to be seen by Google were out of luck."

Now the photos are live in Google Maps. "As you may know, Sydney was the first city Google chose to undertake an initiative like this at such a grand scale. While we couldn't reach everywhere we'd hoped, we captured some great imagery and want to thank everyone who participated for helping make this celebration so much fun. We hope you'll take a look, explore and re-live the day with us," explains a Google representative.

You can take a look at some of the images (Queenscliff Bay, Luna Park, Fort Denison and more) and here are Microsoft's photos.

Some Australians aren't happy with Google's photos. "Well, it looks terrible. Not because we're not on it (and we we're certainly there when they flew over), but it's so patchy. (...) People were having a party on the roof of our building - I see no-one there (or maybe 3 dots, indistinguishable). It's a big disappointment."

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  1. That sounds sad. I feel sorry for all the Australians. :(