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February 18, 2007

An Unusual Business Proposal for Google

One of the most surprising news from this week came from Aaron Stanton, a brave young man who realized he has a great idea for Google and decided to pursue his dream and transforming his vision into reality.

"On February 11th, 2007 I'm getting on a plane to fly to Mountain View, California, headquarters of Google, Inc. Once there, I'm going to try to pitch an idea to them that I think fits right in with the Google spirit and business model."

And that's what he did, but unfortunately, you have to submit your business idea on Google's website before actually getting a meeting. Aaron submitted the form, but somebody noticed his enthusiasm and spread the news at Google. The result?

"Looks like I'm going to get a chance to be heard out. I just got an e-mail from Google with the heading, We can hear you :)."

Aaron got a meeting at Google and he certainly impressed some people there. Unfortunately, we may never find out his idea. A idea that "fits right in with the Google spirit and business model". But we still have the story [tip: scroll to the bottom of the page and read it backwards].

Update: It's likely that his idea is... "a powerful tool for writers. By analyzing published novels and breaking them down into detailed statistics, then graphing those statistics scene-by-scene, we allow authors to better understand their craft in a way never before possible. You already know to start your book with a high interest scene, but do you know what to do with the scenes after that?"

Update (March 20): The site of the new project could be

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