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February 1, 2007

We're Sorry, But We're Unable to Build a Reliable Blogger

The jury has reached a verdict: people from Blogger are simply unable to build a reliable blog software. The old version of Blogger had a lot problems and it's interesting to read this blog post from the Blogger team written in October, last year:

You need to look no further than our status blog or perhaps your own experiences to know that Blogger had a significant number of unplanned outages this last week (forgive me my euphemisms?) and a handful of planned ones to clean up from the unplanned ones. (...) We really regret these outages, which were a nuisance (or worse) to you. The past week's performance was not representative of the kind of service we want to provide for you. (...) More importantly, though, what are we doing to prevent this in the future? (...) In the long term, we're developing a new version of Blogger with some great new features that is built on technology and hardware that has proven, Google-quality reliability.

You can notice the "Google-quality reliability" by trying to view a blog post from almost any Blogger blog. An innocent message will tell you: "We're sorry, but we were unable to complete your request."

If you'll be able to actually view the post (refreshing the page might help), the slowness of the page will show you the power of a "technology and hardware that has proven Google-quality reliability".

It's also very hard to contact Blogger, because they don't like to link to direct contact forms like this one. Until they fix this new error, my apologies if you can't read my posts.

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