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March 11, 2007

Special Google Page for Cricket World Cup

Cricket World Cup is an important sporting event held every four years since 1975. This year, the event will be hosted by the West Indies from March 13 to April 28.

Like it did last year with FIFA World Cup, Google uses this event to showcase some of its services. The most important incentives from the special page dedicated to this event are:

* two gadgets for the Personalized Homepage that display the scores and the latest news about the event

* five gadgets for Google Desktop, including one that lets you view the latest YouTube videos related to cricket matches

* a blogging contest for the best blog that covers the event (the blog should be hosted at Blog*Spot)

* a special blog created in association with Google

* an orkut community

Google tries to show the usefulness of some of its tools by connecting them to an important event. Probably the most successful promotion of a Google product happened last year and was a contest that advertised a movie called The Da Vinci Code.


  1. Good move by Google but a very plain and simple one. Although I respect Srikkanth as a cricket expert, the cricket blog could have been done by somebody else. Simply because Krish has his own website and he is already a very active analyst on CNN-IBN Network in India. I would love to have somebody like Steve Waugh (I guess Google could have roped him in).
    I have yet to use the gadgets. But definitely Score gadget is a good one. I expect more real time updates but it again depends on the source website.

  2. For those passionate about cricket, there are some interesting resources at Radioactive Yak.

  3. Amit Agarwal says: "Millions of cricket fans worldwide will be getting hooked to YouTube Videos, Cricket Blogs and Websites for live cricket scores, match video recordings, ball by ball commentary and more."

  4. is good :)

  5. It would've been better if Google had tied up with Cricinfo. They are the best available source of info on Cricket on the internet, with many experts working with them round the clock.

  6. CricInfo's servers are down during important cricket matches due to increased web traffic,its better that Google made its own Gadget.

  7. Hi Friends,

    Check Yahoo World Cup Cricket where we can find latest News, Live Scores on ball by ball Coverage, Live Cricket in Graphix, Photos and more intresting resources.

  8. Hi Friends,

    Check Yahoo! World Cup Cricket where we can find latest News, Live Scores on ball by ball Coverage, Live Cricket in Graphix, Photos and more intresting resources.

  9. well this is an excellent way to go about cricket and with google involved before u know it cricket fever will hit usa

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    Stay tuned Cricket fans....

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