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March 4, 2007

SuperGenPass - Simple Password Generator

Yesterday I suggested some ideas to keep your passwords secure. In the comments, Thunder Rabbit pointed to a very simple solution to generate secure passwords, without having to remember them. SuperGenPass is a bookmarklet (a bookmark consisting mostly of JavaScript code) that uses a master password as a seed to create passwords for different sites. The nice thing is that the script generates the same password for a domain, but the process is unidirectional: you can't obtain the master password from a generated password. It's also cool that your master password is not stored anywhere (unless you want it to be stored in the bookmarklet).

The script works for any browser, but for Internet Explorer it needs to download some JavaScript code because of IE's limitations. If you don't want to rely on that site, you can save it to your site.

If you decide to use this solution, you'll have to change your passwords for each site where you want to use passwords generated by SuperGenPass. You can first try it with an unimportant site to see if you like it. Also you'll have to stop storing passwords in your browser or other password managers.

How will you use it?
* type the username and the master password when you log in
* click on the bookmarklet [extra-click]
* click on "Populate" [extra-click]
* submit the form

So two extra-clicks, no required software, no stored password and just a bookmarklet that could be easily stored on a USB drive (there's an alternative page for mobile phones). And, best of all, you can use a single password for all the sites that need one.

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